CSForum 2014, Frankfurt

As CSF 2014 conference media starts emerging, we’ll collate it here. It can take a couple of weeks before it’s all collected. Crowdsourced material generally appears later. If you know of something missing, please let us know the link for the resource via Twitter, @cs_forum.

Program resources

Media is centralised in Table 1. Rows are in the chronological order that speakers presented during the event.

Table 1: Media products from CS Forum 2014. Session links to slide decks, when available. Speaker links to Twitter (only one account if dual speakers). Media is whatever resources organisers produced (podcasts, video, spotlight interviews, etc.)
Session Speaker Media
Note: There’s an accompanying text transcription of Kate Kenyon’s slide deck.
Content strategy master class: Cooking content strategies with COPE Rahel Bailie
Managing long form and other techniques: How editors and developers can work together Nico Brünjes
Content strategy for higher ed: Fighting the content monster Brigitte Alice Radl & Heinz Wittenbrink
The storytelling start-up: From core-story to content strategy Christian Riedel Spotlight
Big data in search of meta data Dirk Baecker Video Spotlight
Defining our profession, defining ourselves Margot Bloomstein Video Spotlight
Content, context, community Eric Reiss Video
Living the content dream: Tricks to get you from theory to practice Kate Kenyon Video
Waltzing Matilda: Enabling digital transformation in the European Commission Deidre Hodson & Jonathan Stockwell Video
Digital fine art: How Germany’s oldest artist paper manufacturer manages the digital change and new ways of content marketing Ann-Kristin Plüss & Stephan Fink Video
Complete content integration — systematic or human issue? Inga Weyers Video
FIKA, or why coffee is king in digital nation branding Frida Roberts Video
The future is now: Content strategy for smart content Theresa Grotendorst & Ute Klingelhoefer Video
Managing the politics of content Hilary Marsh Video Spotlight
Content strategy for customer correspondance Monica Rivera-Malpica Video
Will grandma care? Clay Delk Video
Going Pinternational: Bringing Pinterest to 33 languages in 8 months Sadia Latifi Video Spotlight
We’ve spent the budget, now what? - Lessons from a B2B-focused web magazine that came to a grinding halt Tapio Liller Video Spotlight
Challenges for corporate communications in the digital age Ansgar Zerfass Video
From wastelands to wuthering heights: The rocky road to great social media content Judith Denkmayr & Richard Hemmer Video
From Tripoli, Juba and Kabul back to Berlin, Paris and London: What content and media marketing can learn from areas of crisis and depression? Thomas Koch & Klaas Glenewinkel Video
User-centred government Leisa Reichelt Video
Heimat: Getting deeper into the social content of the heart Michael Domsalla Video
Empowering the client: Digital marketing at E-Plus Jürgen Rösger Video
Corporate storytelling and content strategy learnings at Bosch Michael Schmidtke Video Spotlight
Designing for cognitive engagement Andrew Zusman Video Spotlight
Know more: Consumer Information via QR-Code to enhance transparency of food Silvia Schäfer
CURVED.de: How to build a successful content marketing website in 100 days, and why Rainer Markussen Video
From fiction into fact Patrick Loechle Video
Innovating the newsroom

Klaus Meier

Video Spotlight
Publish-measure-learn-build: using content experiments to drive the digital design process Angela Stengel Video
The people puzzle: Making the pieces fit Kerry-Anne Gilowey Video
The long and winding road: Taking content srategy to a global level Laurence Dansokho & Catharina Pawella
From benchmark to action: Measuring "web excellence" Matthias Schultze & Thorsten Scherer Video
Designing for content Robert Stulle Video Spotlight
Courage versus certainty Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl Video
Using content attractors to overcome indifference Michael Andrews Video
E Jeföhl, dat verbingk: Content with a sense of community Tobias Kaufmann Video
Changing patterns in brand communications Jörg Leupold Video
You can't break down silos, but you can connect them Christiaan Lustig Video
Programming the transmedia ecosystem: The metamorphosis of brands and media Thomas Praus Video
How to spice up a traditional brand with content marketing Inga Batur & Alenka Bester Video
Rethinking university content and communication Patrick Breitenbach Video
Data driven storytelling Jörg Blumtritt Video

Visual media


Crowdsourced resources we’ve managed to track down. Items are listed in alphabetical by author first names. Let us know what’s missing.

Blog posts, write-ups, and samaritan reporting

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