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Table 1: Media products from CS Forum 2010. Session links to slide decks, when available. Speaker links to Twitter (only one account if dual speakers). Media is whatever resources organisers produced (podcasts, video, spotlight interviews, etc.)
Session Speaker Media
Exploring editorial strategy Jeff MacIntyre Video
Banging the big drums Kristina Halvorson Video
Content strategy and information architecture in Europe and European projects Sylvie Daumal
In plain language and in plain sight around the globe Deborah Bosley
What's your story? Designing a holistic customer experience Joyce Hostyn Video Spotlight
Evaluating content: it’s a corporate essential and a content strategy foundation stone Clare O'Brien Video Spotlight
Localisation in your content strategy Kenneth Yau
Mobile content: the return of shovelware? Erin Scime
Content strategy: a framework for managing content throughout its lifecycle Rahel Anne Bailie Video
The writing on the wall: content strategy at Facebook Sarah Cancilla
Do we « speak » content strategy in France? Muriel Vandermeulen


  • Kristina Halvorson’s original slide deck is not online, but she gave her talk, Banging the Big Drums, four months later at the Web Content Conference 2010
  • Sarah Cancilla’s original slide deck could not be shared with public due to Facebook’s legal restrictions at the time.


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