CSForum 2013, Helsinki

Missed CS Forum 2013 in Helsinki? Don’t fret. It’s all put together for you below.

Program resources

Media from CS Forum 2013 is centralised in Table 1. Workshop media is not included.

Table 1: Media products from CS Forum 2013. Session links to slide decks, when available. Speaker links to Twitter (only one account if dual speakers). Media is whatever resources organisers produced (podcasts, video, spotlight interviews, etc.)
Session Speaker Media
What's in a story? Marli Mesibov Spotlight
Helping companies do better business with the right content Pontus Staunstrup
Content strategy for slow experiences Margot Bloomstein
Closing the community gap Misty Weaver
Sine qua non: Core values and content strategy Jonathon Colman
Greaser governance: The key to winning the rumble Meghan Casey
Content against cancer Ida Aalen
Breaking: How native advertising makes headlines Hawk Thompson
The importance of visualization: Mapping the way forward Richard Ingram Spotlight
There is such a thing as mobile context and there is evidence to prove it Christiaan Lustig
10 tips your development partner wants you to know Frost Simula
Patching our crumbling foundations through information architecture Daniel Eizans
Using content strategy to become a change agent Carrie Hane Dennison
Visual storytelling at GE Katrina Craigwell


Resources we’ve managed to track down. If you don’t see your thang here, do give us a tweet and we’ll get it added.


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