About CSF

CSF was an open community founded by Destry Wion that took a CBPP (Commons-based peer production) approach to its activities. Accomplishments were made through common interests and the various talents of volunteers. The crown jewel was CSForum, the conference. CSF was the platform by which it all came together. If you had an interest in content strategy and believed in the commons, you would have liked it here.


CSF operated by the following objectives:

  1. Cultivate an open and cooperative community interested in the field of Content Strategy.
  2. Build and maintain tools and resources through collaboration and sharing.
  3. Contribute to industry canon through community contributions.
  4. Deliver an international event to different local communities for unique content and cultural experiences.

Unfortunately these altruistic motivations failed to sustain CSF. Content is a commercial endeavour in the end.

Crew, Ambassadors, and Contributions

CSF’s crew were a stalwart few. Along with the Ambassadors Emeriti (our revered CSForum host organizers), they made great things happen out of little time and resource. Keep them in your memory and hearts.

Crew (Over the Years)

Ambassadors Emeriti

The Ambassadors Emeriti, an endearing label, are those who took the initiative and measured risks of organizing a CSForum conference.

  • STC France and STC Trans-Alpine – CSForum 2010, Paris
  • Jonathan Kahn, Together London – CSForum 2011, London
  • Kerry-Anne Gilowey, August Sun Projects – CSForum 2012, Cape Town
  • Ida Hakola and Ilona Hilla, Vapa Media – CSForum 2013, Helsinki
  • Sascha Stoltenow, SCRIPT Communications – CSForum 2014, Frankfurt
  • Lennie Beattie (Content Ark) – CSForum 2016, Melbourne

Ambassadors, we salute you!

Other Contributors

CSF was for you. While we always needed more contributions, many people did contribute in various ways:

  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Discussion participants
  • Conference volunteers and attendees
  • All who passed by and read something at some point

Thank you!